February 10, 2016

8 Curial Tips to Help You Sing with Great Confidence

Confidence is very important in the effective performance of singing, especially in the live concerts when you do not usually breathe well and that because you do not get the notes as we should. To be a confident singer, it is recommended to learn how to sing with the help of a professional. Here I give you some pieced of advice so that you can do well in your singing journey.

1 – Learn to Breathe

Learning to breathe correctly is vital, so that your breathing air can continuously support in singing. It defiantly takes particular time to learn and do the breathing exercises before singing, but it is worth it improves the support of breath and it helps you relax as well.

2 – Correct Posture

Get a standing posture for your legs, hips, back and abdominal muscles for supporting your voice correctly.

3 – Open up Your Mouth Broader

You should open the mouth broader, especially when you are on high notes to project your voice to the possible extent. Here you have to utilize the diaphragm to have better support for your voice.


4 – Prepare Your Body

Warm up your body enough to make your voice in the top quality. You can do stretching to relieve the tightness or strain that your body might be having before the performance.

5 – Vocal Exercises

You also need to make some exercise to warm up as vocal preparation. With correct warm-up, you can improve your voice quality.

6 – Stay Hydrated

It is essential that you drink water abundantly before as well as during the performance. Avoid milk and dairy products that clog the throat and you should stay away from caffeine and alcohol as well since these beverages make the vocal chords dry.

7 – Don’t Shout!

Even if it is your favorite football team, resist the temptation to scream. You cannot imagine what suffering the vocal cords will have when you shout. Always keep in mind that scream is harmful for your lungs and vocal chords. The bands you hear shouting are not for real, but it is an effect achieved with vocal cords and you can learn it too.

how to sing

8 – Don’t Compare!

Believe that you are unique and there is no one in this world like you. Instead of comparing yourself to other well-known singers, celebrate who you really are, so the one person you really have to beat is yourself. When you compare yourself with others, you never get anything but frustration and poor performance.

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